Wasp Nest Removal in Dorset

The Pest Project is based in Dorset and has a flat fee of £50 to remove a wasp nest, either indoors or outdoors.

When to call in professional wasp control in Dorset

If the wasp nest is very active and is larger than your fist it is unwise to try to tackle it yourself. Instead, you should call in the professionals, and this is where The Pest Project can help. Similarly, if you are seeing wasps but are unable to find their nest, The Pest Project can help with that, too.

The Pest Project can efficiently and safely locate, identify and then remove your unwanted wasp nest. We will advise on the best course of action to take and act without any danger to you.

Also, it is important that wasps are identified correctly. Bees can look like wasps and, as bees are a species in decline, it might be wise to call a professional prior to DIY extermination. Swarming bees can be safely relocated without any disruption to you.

Wasp nest removal Dorset

The Pest Project can take care of your wasp nest removal in Dorset professionally and safely for £50, inside or outside. Contact us for a free, no obligation call back.

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