Squirrels in the loft? Prevention is always better than cure.

October is the time of year for squirrels; they can be seen everywhere frantically burying their nuts and acorns around the gardens to see them through the cold winter months.

Someone told me that squirrels are just rats with great PR! This much is true. There is nothing more endearing than watching squirrel Nutkins frolic across the fence and admire their acrobatics, however when squirrels get into our homes, especially our loft spaces, their need to keep blunting their incisors constantly (they never stop growing) can lead to them chewing through everything including electric cables and just generally sounding like they are tap dancing wearing clogs to the rooms immediately below.

So, here are some tips for a squirrel free loft this winter.

  1. Cut back all tree branches around your property, squirrels can jump approx. 2m to get to a roof of choice.
  2. Remove trellis and ivy from the walls of your house, this is like a climbing frame for squirrels and rats, don’t make it easy for them.
  3. Block all gaps and entrances around your loft space, fill gaps and entrance holes with wedged mesh or metal plates. Wood is too easy for squirrel’s strong incisors to gnaw through.
  4. Remove all food, leave the bird feeder for a while or ensure the area is kept clear and bird food bought indoors at night.
  5. For tree protection, close fitting metal sheets can be bought to protect them from the insistent gnawing.

If you need advice about squirrel control/prevention please do not hesitate to contact Ali at The Pest Project on 07712 737346 for a free friendly chat.                     

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